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LeasePlan Digital, a leading provider of fleet management and mobility services, embarked on a journey with us to revitalise their office space, recognising the importance of a favourable work environment for employee productivity and well-being.

The vision was to create a modern, functional, and inclusive workspace.

Key Features:

Softening the Edges:

Understanding the significance of ergonomic design, Alpha incorporated a unique approach by softening the sharpness of 90-degree angles throughout the office space. This subtle yet effective design element adds a touch of elegance while promoting a harmonious atmosphere assisting creativity and collaboration.

For the Globetrotter's:

Recognising the diverse workforce at LeasePlan Digital, the integration of international plugs seamlessly into the office infrastructure, ensuring convenience and accessibility for employees from various regions. Additionally, a dedicated suitcase closet was introduced, providing a practical solution for storage and organisation, catering to the needs of frequent travellers among the staff.

Reflection Room:

In line with LeasePlan Digital's commitment to inclusivity and diversity, a tranquil prayer room was designed and implemented within the office premises. This dedicated space offers employees a quiet sanctuary for reflection and spiritual practice, fostering a culture of respect and accommodation for various religious beliefs.

Meeting Room Mix:

Understanding the importance of varied meeting environments, a diverse range of meeting rooms were created tailored to different requirements. From intimate brainstorming sessions, flexible meeting rooms for directors and formal presentations, these thoughtfully designed spaces cater to the diverse needs of LeasePlan's staff, promoting efficient communication and collaboration.

Preserving Tradition - The Upgraded Boardroom:

Collaborating closely with LeasePlan Digital the boardroom was upgraded while preserving the sentimental value attached to the existing meeting table. Through meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, the boardroom was transformed into a modern yet timeless space, reflecting LeasePlan's rich history and enduring legacy.

In conclusion, the collaboration between LeasePlan Digital and Alpha has resulted in the successful transformation of LeasePlan Digital's office space into a vibrant, functional, and inclusive environment. By prioritising employee well-being, diversity, and functionality, this project stands as a testament to LeasePlan Digital's commitment to excellence and innovation in the workplace.

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