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When Vodafone, Ireland set out to redesign their new offices, they knew they needed a design concept that would reflect their business requirements and inspire their employees to return to the office with both their well-being and productivity in mind. That's when they turned to Gensler Architects, London, renowned for their expertise in designing workspaces that encourage collaboration and promote a positive work culture.

Working closely with Henry J Lyons Architects, Dublin, Gensler set out to create a design that would not only be functional but would also provide an environment that would inspire creativity, innovation, and a sense of community among employees. And as they say, a great design is only as good as the furniture that supports it.

To ensure that the furniture solutions complemented the overall design concept and met the needs of the Vodafone team, Alpha was brought on board to provide their expertise. The design team at Alpha went to work, keeping in mind Vodafone's need for collaboration and interaction, and proposed a range of furniture solutions.

One of the most significant features of the design is a main stage on one of the floors that serves as a central gathering point. The mobile furniture solution allows for easy transformation into a theatre seating area, creating a buzz and bringing the team together. Additionally, the mobile power pods eliminate the need for floor boxes in this area, providing power to the end-users, and adding to the flexibility of the space.

Alpha also provided furniture solutions that catered to the need for private spaces within the office. The Orangebox “Air3” acoustic pods were particularly popular, offering a flexible touchdown point for team members. These meeting pods are available in different sizes, accommodating different group sizes and providing the end-user with the flexibility to choose the perfect meeting room to suit their needs.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Gensler Architects, Henry J Lyons Architects, and Alpha furniture solutions resulted in a design concept that exceeded Vodafone's expectations. The finished product not only meets the business requirements but also provides an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration among employees.

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