This is why you need a biophilic workspace

11 October, 2022

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One of the most popular office design trends now, and of the future.

Biophilic Office Design

In its simplest form biophilic design is the use of natural products in a space that helps fulfill humans' innate desire to connect with nature. So why are so many businesses now using it as a way of transforming their business? Should you also be integrating it into your workspace?

Businesses who prioritise employee wellbeing usually retain high levels of staff morale, productivity and ultimately long-term success. Did you know having plants in your office can make you as much as 15% more creative and productive? As humans, our instincts gravitate us towards nature quite simply because it makes us feel better. Typically we spend 90% of our time indoors, with only 35% of staff getting as little as 15 minutes outdoors on any given day. According to the W.H.O. mental health and cardiovascular diseases are two of the prime contributing factors to illnesses worldwide and are usually stress induced. Studies show that our ability to directly access nature can alleviate stress. There is also proof that both direct, and indirect natural elements in your everyday surroundings can reduce your blood pressure, and heart rate!

Having a thoughtfully designed, attractive workspace, full of natural light and biophilic elements can influence the perception of your business to the outside world. It shows who you are as an organisation and sends a powerful message about your social conscience and green-credibility. When we incorporate wellness strategies into our designs we address 4 core areas: Environment (light, temperature, air quality, and biophilia), Physical (movement and nutrition), Physiological (stress and relaxation) and Social (a sense of belonging).

You might be wondering how this all works if you are in a high-density space? Strategically placing biophilic elements in high-traffic areas or in locations where they can be seen will commission the greatest benefits. You might have plants to finish off dividing partitions, you might even have a large tree in the middle of your office, you might have a water feature in the corner, or you could opt for a living wall with moss in a busy corridor. One major benefit to using ‘live’ plants is that they transpire through their leaves. This process makes the air in the space more humid, which is excellent for combating the problem of dry-air, a widely reported problem in air-conditioned offices. Whether you have a plant at the end of your desk or you can see the living wall at the end of the corridor from your seat, the benefits are the same.

Is it important for the future of your workplace? We all spend a large amount of time at work, and whilst we are there, we want it to be a positive and meaningful experience. The environmental crisis has ignited a worldwide need to do better for our planet. It means office plants such as living walls are 100% justifiable additions to any workspace. Additionally, simply incorporating colour palettes and graphics inspired by nature or using wood and other natural materials can create an atmosphere which provides the wellbeing benefit for your employees.

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