Viccarbe: The oversize design trend arrives to office furniture

28 June, 2023

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Whether it be clothing or accessories, furniture or decoration. Large-scale design is definitely on trend. Oversize products offer flexibility and comfort, whether in the world of fashion or interior design. And, of course, these bigger pieces have also found their way into office furniture.

The time when employees must maintain a rigid, corseted attitude at their desks during the working day is no longer the norm. Collaborative, fluid, and adaptable workspaces now prevail. New offices where interior design is at the service of the team to make the space as comfortable as possible.

Comfort is the new luxury. In this way, oversize design pieces appear as the great heroes of the office. From the most classic to the minimalist. Oversize furniture equips spaces and embraces the user. In addition, they suggest new uses that favor versatility, socialization, and relaxation in the workplace.

Oversize design is here to become a great ally. Large tables, sofas, chairs, armchairs, lounge chairs or ottomans to stimulate creativity and productivity. Enter the new era of large-scale design.


Funda Bold by Stefan Diez

When speaking about oversized design, it is impossible not to mention the Funda Bold collection by designer Stefan Diez for Viccarbe. A line of oversized seating with matching ottoman, cushions, and headrests. Its roomy silhouette has been created to offer a place of rest and promote “slow work” in offices.

In addition, the sustainable philosophy of the entire Funda range allows the pieces that make up the set to be recycled. It has been designed to last over time. The generous yet lightweight Funda Bold will become the center of attention and the object of desire of the team. An added value to the comfort of the office.


Savina by Victor Carrasco

An innovative cloud-like modular sofa designed by Victor Carrasco. Our Savina sofa allows infinite compositions while embracing the user as if floating on water. It is a collaborative island, customizable and adaptable to every use and space. A comfortable sofa that advocates collaboration, synergies and disconnection while providing great visual comfort.


Trestle by John Pawson

The Trestle table system designed by John Pawson for Viccarbe is the perfect gathering point in meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. Its simple, minimalist lines make it a timeless table collection. Trestle is an ergonomic, versatile, functional, and lightweight design table that encourages collaboration and creativity thanks to the variety of tabletop dimensions and its endless electrification solutions.

Season por Piero Lissoni

A collection with geometric shapes and generous proportions. The Season range by Piero Lissoni for Viccarbe is surprisingly comfortable and versatile. In addition, its soft structure makes it ideal for use in offices, receptions, and meeting rooms.

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XXL Decoration

Oversized design has also made its way into decoration. Extra-large lamps, rugs, paintings, or mirrors will create a great visual impact and generate a sophisticated and striking atmosphere. Decorative elements that will allow you to play with proportions and perspectives to give collaborative spaces greater amplitude, comfort, and spatiality.

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