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Revitalising the Alpha Belfast Reception Lobby

21 June, 2023

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A much-needed facelift!

After 25 long years, it's time for a refreshing transformation. The old lobby design is outdated and tired, with a beech and black finish that was once trendy but is now long past its prime. Our mission was to breathe new life into this space, creating an inspiring and welcoming atmosphere that represents the true spirit of Alpha. We sat down with Design Director John Roddy to hear about the process of the transformation.

"The upgrade commenced by replacing some of the curved column casings with sleek vertical slats made from Egger Halifax oak on a charcoal grey painted background. To achieve a seamless finish, we crafted everything offsite with precise dimensions. This allowed for invisible fixings to be installed at the back of the slats, ensuring a polished look. The addition of a charcoal grey paint to the existing panels added an extra touch of sophistication and depth to the design. With the help of skilled joiners and shop fitters, we were able to quickly transform the space to give it a fresh new look and feel."

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"We utilized the existing lighting fixings on the column casing to complement our chosen vertical slats. The up-and-down light we implemented had a unique square and rectangular shape, perfectly situated in the middle of the slats to generate a sleek linear look for the design."

"In keeping with our branding goals, we collaborated with the innovative off-the-wall creative team to design a backlit sign. Our minimalistic approach involved carving a recess behind the central panel, allowing for easy cable integration from the ceiling without leaving marks on the walls. This design interface allowed our electricians to seamlessly create a feed that enabled our creative designers to mount the sign at the perfect height, delivering the ultimate visual impact."

Planet light Avana sofa

"As part of our upgrade, we enhanced the ceiling feature by updating the LED light surround and utilizing the stunning Quadrifoglio decorative lighting range. Specifically, we incorporated the "Planet" pendant light, which can be installed at various heights, to bring an inviting and stylish ambiance to the overall design scheme."

"Our furniture pieces for the newly refurbished reception area were also selected from the Quadrifoglio range with the Avana Sofa, Montreal Table, Avana Table and Afra Desk Lamp."

We’d like to thank everyone involved in transforming our reception area in our Belfast office including, Off The Wall Creative, Aspire Creative, Stephen Buchanan and Frank McClay.

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